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Saturday, January 24, 2009

The funniest thing happened last night .....

....... I woke at 3.15 this morning as I could hear a plastic bag rattling from the corner of my bedroom. I looked beside me and DS was gone!!!! (yes he sleeps in my bed with me, DH works nights so only me and the bubba home at night)

I was squinting tring to see what was in the corner but couldn't make out anything in the half light and still couldn't find Cody. I turned the bedside light on and had another look and there was Cody cuddled up in the beanbag in the corner fast asleep!!! He had his feet up the top and his head almost dangling off the side!!

The scrapper in me said "Quick get the camera! This would make an awesome scrapbook page!" but as I went to get it he rolled over and fell off the beanbag. He stood up walked over to me and I put him back in bed and he was fast asleep. I have no idea how he got to the beanbag.

Moral of the story:

1. A scrappers brain never rests - even at 3.15 in the morning!

2. Never go anywhere without your camera, you never know when the perfect photo op will occur, even in the middle of the night!!

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Angie ~ Scrap'n'art said...

Hi Amanda!

LOL about your son, that is sooo cute:) Looking forward to following your blog:)

Hugs Angie xox