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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Top 12 of 2012

Well to say my little blog has been neglected this past year would be a gross understatement. Shop life well and truly took over this year and even scrapping had to take a back seat for a long time there. It was difficult, but I had to make the decision that there was to be NO WORK on the weekends. I needed to regain a healthy balance, taking some time out for myself and also spending QUALITY time with my family.

I didn't manage many layouts in 2012, I don't have an exact count but it wouldn't be many more than 30 for the whole year. Going through and choosing only 12 was pretty easy, I even had to add a few that I skipped over in my first pass to make up the number! lol

So in no particular order, cause lets face it, that could take forever, I bring you my Top 12 of 2012 (less the published/to be published that I am unable to share ;)

#1 - Marcoola Beach

#2 - Christmas Morning

#3 - Always Love You

#4 - First Day of Prep

#5 - My Beautiful Girl

#6 - A Moment to Cherish

#7 - Beary Cute

#8 - Beautiful Eyes

#9 - Just like Pop

#10 - Forever Friends

#11 - A Girl Needs to Accessorise

#12 - Picture Perfect

So there we go, I hope you enjoyed seeing my Top 12 as much as I enjoyed going through and choosing them out. I like to leave by promising to be more faithful to my blog in 2013, but you know .... life just gets in the way some times ;) lol

Always be true to yourself

Star xx