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Monday, November 10, 2008

Two latest layouts....

..... are for this weeks and next weeks challenges @ Uproar. The weekly challenges are set by the lovely Lisa Kamphius. This first challenge was to use ribbon in a creative way on a page. I made these ribbon flowers and leaves with mine. The flower stems are ribbon also.

This next challenge was to scrap a minimum of three pictures in a creative way. I had these two pieces of pp in my stash that were given to me by my sister when I first started scrapping. She had bought stuff from the scrap shop and the owner gave them to her, she then passed them on to me cause she said she would never use them. I printed the pictures small (2x2") and then cut them out leaving excesss photo paper aound them so they looked like polaroids. I slit the paper along the "ribbons" so that I could tuck the photos underneath. I also randomly placed some gold brads to look like thumbtacks. The sticky note has the occasion written on it like a reminder note and the shopping list is the foods that we ate on the night.

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cate said...

love the noteboard look!! think I might lift that one - one day ~lol~