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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Crafty Thursday .....

It's become a bit of a ritual for the little man and I {and the little girl} to have a crafty activity each Thursday. I think it may have started as a way to justify all the things I was pinning on Pinterest .... but that's another story ;)

For our first activity we decided to make what the boy refers to as 'monster rocks' which are pet rocks painted up like monsters. First up we had to get some rocks so we went on a little nature walk to collect some. We came across the scrub turkeys along the way.

Back home again and painting our rocks. Cody is painting his just like Sully (from Monsters Inc)

We did 6 in total .... here they all are. The green one is Mike (again from Monsters Inc) can you see the resemblance?? He's got this thing for monsters at the moment but only if they have happy faces ... lol ... apparently the red one is scary!

And here he is lining all his monsters up in a very straight line ... I wonder where he inherited that trait from???

The next week, inspired by grass heads, we decided to make pot monsters. Can you see the theme going on here?

Off to Bunnings to shop for supplies, he loved that he could zoom around the store with his very own trolley!

We painted up some terracotta pots and added eyes and faces from scrap cardstock. The seeds were planted in the cut off bottoms from softdrink bottles.

Here they are just 4 days later! Must have been the optimal growing conditions for them .... they were starting to sprout within 24 hrs!

TFL Star xx

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