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Friday, September 19, 2008

I feel human again!

Yesterday I treated myself to a trip to the hairdresser, which was probably long overdue. Does anyone else find that the days in between when you decide that you need to go and make an appointment to the day when you actually go are torturous!!! Your hair just doesn't want to co-operate at all! It's almost as if it is punishing you for not going sooner!

My hairdressers is one of those little gem finds that you want to share with everyone cause it s so fabulous but on the other hand you want to keep to youself in case popularity puts the price up. They put out coupons and it is the best deal. I get 10 foils, massage, deep conditioning treatment, style cut and blowdry for only 50 bucks!!!! To think I used to pay $180 per trip to the hairdresser and didn't come out feeling any more beautiful than my $50 experience. There is something to be said for that!

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Kylie said...

what a lovely pic..yes i'm in need of a good hair -do