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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Doggy Dramas!!

I have been feeding my bf's dogs as they are currently away on holidays which you would think would be an easy job. Right .........Wrong!!!! Yesterday when I got there I found one dog on the courtyard wall (2 mtrs off the ground) and the other ........ nowhere!! She was gone. I was packing it, what was I going to tell my friend, ummmmm I lost your dog?? Well after some searching and calling around the neighbourhood not to mention setting off every other dog on a barking spree, I finally located her ....... in the next door neighbours backyard!!!!! If she wasn't so darn cute I would have strangled her. The next 45 mins was spent blocking up the hole where they were getting out off the balcony with whatever I could get my hands on. So I pray that when our other friend gets there to feed them today that my clever and quite resourceful trick has worked. (fingerscrossed)

So to the friend who owns the dogs (you know who you are) finally reads this, and I know she will, you owe me that hour and a half of my life back!!!!!!!!