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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Time for a change ....

They say a change is as good as a holiday ... and let's face it, I won't be getting one of those anytime soon ... so I decided it was time for a little blog makeover.

You like?? :)

I went with something bright and cute this time. Has taken me a little while to get it the way I wanted but I must say I am mighty happy now.

I've also decided to remove my blog feeds from my personal facebook and add them to their own page. Let's face it ... as much as all my friends love me, they don't all give a crap about my scrapbooking ... lol. This way it also means that people that aren't my "facebook friends" can follow my blog on facebook too ... so a win win situation all round I think :)

If you want to follow my blog on facebook you'll find the like box over there
in my sidebar.

That's all for today :)
TFL Star xx


Sue Plumb said...

I LOVE the new look, it looks fantastic!!! XXX

Samantha Hauzer said...

I love the new look of your blog! It's so cute! And I love the idea of your blog having it's own page on fb. Think I might have to do that too :)

Unknown said...

love the new look....very cute indeed!

Liz Weber said...

Looking good Amanda, very cute and adorable and fresh and fun!

sarah martin said...

I love the new look Amanda! And what a great idea for facebook. I have often wondered how I could stop annoying my non scrappy friends with my scrappy posts. LOL