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Sunday, December 7, 2008

No love.....

Sorry! Been a bit neglectful of the old blog lately, but honestly life has been a little bit crazy! Game 1 of wipeout has been wrapping up and Game 2 began, on alternate nights, but this meant I was creating a layout a day! Phew!! Makes me exhausted just thinking about it. I made it to the final two of Game 1, still trying to work out how. The quality of work has been stunning and considering the timeframe and other life commitments - WOW!! Voting is on at the moment so time will tell who is the winner.

Round 10 - nature themed, brown & green, rope.
Round 9 - Blue & brown, chipboard, 12x12.

Round 8 - 8x8, chipboard, red, trees somewhere.

Round 7 - red, green, black, white & silver, words friend & christmas.

Sorry for the crazy backwards order but you get the general idea!

1 comment:

vicmbee said...

Wahoo!!! you were the winner..
congrats loved your last LO with the rope....