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Sunday, May 24, 2009

I hate bugs!!!

It was certainly not how I planned on spending my Sunday but I have cleaned and scrubbed the kitchen cupboards to within an inch of their lives!!

I discovered this morning that we had an infestation of flour beetles in our pantry. Has anyone ever had to deal with these pesky little blighters before ... they get into absolutely everything. I did a bit of googling (gotta love google) for some advice on what to do and discovered that they are really hard to get rid of. I literally had to throw all of the food in the pantry away ... about 5 garbage bags full ... such a waste! Apparantly they can even chew their way into sealed bags which is amazing considering they are only about 1-2mm in size.

I had to vaccumn out the cupboards and then scrub them out with hot soapy water before fumigating them. All the storage containers and jars went through the dishwasher ... about 9 cycles I counted and then the bottom dishdrawer started leaking!! Some dishwashing detergent got spilt in one of the containers and when I put it through the dish drawer the detergent foamed up which confused the drawer sensors and caused it to leak all over the floor!

Gotta love our new spanky wet/dry vac though ... I sucked up all the water out of the drawer to drain it and then vaccumned up the water off the floor. Phew .... crisis averted!!

Once the fumigation had settled down I was finally able to put the pantry back together .... which I can tell you is not a lot! I had to throw away nearly everthing that wasn't in a can to eliminate the chance that they may reinfest. It will take me weeks to restock all the food that was lost and very expensive!

On a good note I did manage to finish two layouts this weekend ..... I was really hoping to finish a few more but it took nearly 6 hours to sort out the kitchen! I will take some pics of the pages tomorrow and upload for you all to see.


Shimano (aka Christine) said...

What a day you have had....lets hope the rest of the week is much much better.

Anne P said...

Oh, you poor thing. I hate it when this sort of ting happens.