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Friday, December 26, 2008

HO - HO - HO ..........

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wipeout update ....

Hooray!!! I was the winner of Game 1 so I am now through to the Ultimate Wipeout Round. It was so close, I only won by 1 vote and the other page was awesome.

Game 2 is up to Round 5 and at this stage I am still in the comp.

Round 1 - 12x12, purple CS, green & brown, chipboard, buttons.

Round 2 - Scallops, brads, orange, ribbon.

Round 3 - 2 pics (1 5x7), blue & green, ric rac.

Round 4 - 12x12, stitching, circles, 3 pics (1 6x4), any colours.

Round 5 - Black CS, no circles, 12x12, rubons.

I will probably be wiped out this round, the journalling block is a scalloped circle, realised after I stuck it on and am not taking it off!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Computer malfunction .......

I added that little christmas tree widget the other week cause I thought it would be cute. You can choose your own coloured decorations and lights which I thought was pretty cool. Only problem is, it appears to be broken! It says that there is only 16 days till christmas and that can't be right ........... can it??????

Sunday, December 7, 2008

No love.....

Sorry! Been a bit neglectful of the old blog lately, but honestly life has been a little bit crazy! Game 1 of wipeout has been wrapping up and Game 2 began, on alternate nights, but this meant I was creating a layout a day! Phew!! Makes me exhausted just thinking about it. I made it to the final two of Game 1, still trying to work out how. The quality of work has been stunning and considering the timeframe and other life commitments - WOW!! Voting is on at the moment so time will tell who is the winner.

Round 10 - nature themed, brown & green, rope.
Round 9 - Blue & brown, chipboard, 12x12.

Round 8 - 8x8, chipboard, red, trees somewhere.

Round 7 - red, green, black, white & silver, words friend & christmas.

Sorry for the crazy backwards order but you get the general idea!