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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Scrappy Friday!

Friday in my world means scrapbooking day and even though it's no where near as fun gorging on M&M's and tim tams on your own, it still fills that need to create. So here are my efforts for today.
I know, I know only one layout which poses he problem, how am I ever going to complete 20 layouts in 4 weeks for the challenge that I have taken on board??? Not sure yet but I'll get back to you.
I am hoping to participate in another cybercrop this weekend if only admin would approve my membership. I won't mention where just in case they don't and I have to vent!! If I do join in that will up my tally a little. Anyway 1 down 19 to go. Wish me luck,
Amanda xoxo


adn@n said...

nice blog, nice boy.

cate said...

great LO! I managed to get paper stuck down, and the photo, but then it was time to get my parcel!

I think we scrap next week instead of shop, I NEED to scrap ~lol~

Jaimie R said...

That LO is totally cute, LOVE the bright colours. 20 LO's?? THAT is a challenge for sure, good luck with it!