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Saturday, August 30, 2008

By Popular Demand!!

Well here it is!! My BLOG (whatever that means)..... finally. My friends are always asking me "When are you going to start a blog Amanda" but I had two thoughts on the matter,
1. Who in the world would want to read about my boring life??
2. When would I ever have the time to keep it up to date??

It really irks me when people say that they blog but when you visit it only gets updated every six months and it makes me wonder, what's the point???? So my promise to you all, right here today, is to keep my blog current. I am challenging myself to post at least three times a week which I think is achievable given my busy schedule. So stay tuned and I hope that in some way I can entertain you all!!

Amanda xoxo

1 comment:

cate said...

I'm the first commenter!!

Can't wait to see what exciting stuff you share with us!!