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Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Space .....

Donna is running a little challenge from her blog to share your scrap space so I thought I would join in too. I haven't shared any pics since I've had to move out of my room (this will be the baby's room when she arrives) so I thought this would be a good opportunity.
This is our home "office" which is where I scrap. And, yes it's always that neat ... this room only has a doorway not a door as such so the only way to keep little 3yr old paws off my stuff is to pack it up!! I had this table in my old scraproom though it did have an extra two extension pieces in there and was twice the size! I used to have my sewing machine set up permanently on one end though. I have two cookbook stands that I display my current fave layouts on up on the top shelf and just under this you can see my cricut. Also the printer and laptop live here.

This next pic shows my scrapping cupboard, it's actually on the back of the wall that the cupboard was on alongside my desk which is the wall that divides the office from the dining room. It's my version of one of those scrappin amoirey type things but thanks to Ikea ..... a fraction of the price!! ;-)

And here she is in all her glory with the doors open! lol If you bear with me I'll share some closer up pics and what I keep on each of the shelves. I will warn you though .... it is anally tidy .... and needs to be as I am limited to this space and this space only. :-(
**Warning Loser Alert** but I actually had a great time shopping for just the perfect boxes and baskets to house all my bits and pieces and maximising every spare inch of storage space. :-/
The top two yellow rimmed tubs have OTP stuff .... mini albums and the like. The hardware boxes have smaller embellishments, beads and stuff like that.
The blue tubs underneath, which there are four of, hold pkts of embellishments and bits like that.
The next little shelf is my "work in progress" shelf where I can quickly slip away any layouts and bits and bobs that I am currently working on when I need to pack up for the day.
And under is my tote with all my tools and also my cuttlebug in it's handy storage bag.

The two blue tubs on the left are both full of stamps and the two on the right are full of chipboard.
Of the green tubs one is full of ribbon and the other more dimensional flowers and sprays etc.
Paints, glitters and mists and associated stuff is stored in the red tubs.

And lastly in this row down the bottom is a home for my sewing machine.

This section is double the width of the first one. The top two shelves have all my albums and a few layouts that still need to be sorted into them. Last week these shelves were filled with 180+ layouts and albums still in the plastic .... oops!! Won't be doing that again!
The A4 drawers hold my scraps sorted into colours and the shelf next to them holds my magazines.
Next down in the purple boxes is spare adhesives in one and the other had things like my dymo, decorative scissors and the decorative blades for my trimmer. The jars you can see are two deep and hold buttons, flowers and ribbons all sorted into colours.
Next down I have two of the wooden Kaiser paper racks which house my papers and cardstock.

Underneath that are another 4 blue tubs which hold all my alphas. The blue baskets each have something different in them, one has rubons, one bling, one diecuts and the other cards blanks and envelopes.
On the other side, the folders hold my acrylic stamps and the purple folios my inks. The hardware style boxes beside these house my travelling stash of flowers, buttons, brads and ribbons. Each one contains a small selection of these items and they are also colour coordinated .... can you see a theme :-O ??
Moving down, the pizza boxes contain larger scraps that are too big for the A4 drawers and the purple boxes are full of unfinished layouts.
The bottom shelf has my mini wooden alpha stamps, a travelling box of my favourite chipboard and my punches.
Phew!! Are you still with me?? I just realised how much stuff I actually own. Hubby always makes comment about how much it all costs .... if only he really knew ;-)
Anyway, I'm sure that's more than enough for today, if you managed to stay with me .... thanks for having a peek at my scrap space, I have enjoyed sharing it with you!
TFL Star xx


donna said...

wow Star! you are super organised! Mine may look tidy, but I still dont know where most of it is hee hee... thanks for joining in on the challenge mwah!

Pauly said...

OMG!!! I thought I was organised but you take the cake Star!!!!!

Anne P said...

Wow, you are sooooooooooooo neat.

Chloe :-) said...

This looks awesome!!! Super organised and gorgeous :-) wish I was more like you!!