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Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

(for yesterday) I was a very spoilt girl! For anyone that knows me you would know that I just loovvee my bracelet! It also makes it wasy for the boys to know what to get me without having to ask .... or sending me to get my own present! lol

They surprised me with these four new beads .... a little teddy, a seashell, a crab (cause I am a cancer .... look at his cute little face!) and an I Love You bead! I love you both too!

And if they weren't enough my lovely girlfriends, Corinne and Lisa, got me this gorgeous genuine Pandora bead. It's silver and 14ct gold on the starfish! I love it sooooo much and am not sure what I have done to deserve such a generous gift. I am so chuffed and grateful! I love you girls!! Mwaah!! xxxx

Derek took this snap of me and Cody just before we went to dinner last night. This was right before the "chucking" incident that almost put a premature end to our night! Yes, you heard right ... my darling little boy decided to throw up on himself 4 times as we were heading into the club! A quick trip to K-mart for a set of new clothes saved the day and we were able to continue on with our dinner plans!

He was clearly okay ..... he ran around like a mad man while I went to the shops and then pigged down about 3 platfuls of food from the buffet! That's kids for ya! hehehe


CreativeMe68 said...

So glad your birthday was so special....Ohhh kids hey...they have all the fun!!! Love your bracelet! Luv Shaz xoxo

Mandy said...

oh..happy birthday for yesterday...love your goodies you got..and gorgeous photo too...hope you have a fantastic year amanda...xxx

Shimano (aka Christine) said...

Happy birthday - what fabulous presents - great pic. xx

chrisw said...

glad to hear you had a wonderful birthday!you deserve the best!!