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Friday, March 20, 2009

Followers where are you??

I have just realised that I lead a completely tragic existence and only have ONE follower. :-(

I have added a pretty little follower section to my sidebar in hopes that a few of you may like to sign up so you can get your pretty little mug shots displayed there. You never know, if I get enough there may even be a little RAK given out!


pj said...

Hi Amanda,
I enjoy visiting your blog & totally love your LO's. Silly question here but what is a follower- do I get emails letting me know you've updated your blog?
take care

Amanda said...

Hi Chris,

If you baceome a follower, the box is on the top of the right hand column, you will get notification of updates on your blogger dashboard (where you manage your own blogs from)

Hope this helps
Amanda x

chrisw said...

Oh I thought i was already following you..through the link on my website anyhows..

Kelly said...

Gee, publicising your observation worked a treat didn't it! I came here via Feedjit, having noticed your little blurb about having only one follower. Now, you have 11! Well done.